Fri Oct 20 2023

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Roof Repair

Rescuing homes from leaks

When a customer contacted us about a troubling leak inside their home, we knew it was time to act swiftly. Our expert team arrived promptly for a comprehensive roof inspection, uncovering a troubling discovery - areas of severe rotting that threatened the integrity of the roof. Upon closer examination, we identified the culprit: trapped water pooling in the valleys, refusing to flow as intended. The issue steam to the fact that the roof pitch was under 4/12 where its recommended to install peel and stick stormguard to prevent water from going in. This issue extended to multiple areas across the roof, signaling a pervasive problem that demanded immediate attention. With a clear plan in mind, we presented our findings and proposed solutions to the homeowner. After careful consideration and transparent negotiation of labor and material costs, we set to work.

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Nine deteriorated plywood sheets were expertly replaced, and two expansive open valleys were installed for improved water flow. To fortify against future leaks, we utilized the advanced GAF Stormguard peel-and-stick technology, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind for our client.

At Rios Roofing, we don't just fix roofs; we provide lasting solutions that safeguard homes and families. Trust us to deliver excellence, precision, and a watertight seal for a leak-free future.


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